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When I arrived in London, I (as usual) had no real plan as to what I’d go see and when.  The hostel I’m staying in has a great map of the major tourist attractions along with the underground stations nearest them to make it easier to get around.  On my first day out, I decided I’d go to the Natural History museum as it’s highly recommended for anyone visiting London.

When I got there, the line to get in was out the door with 150+ people waiting.  I lack patience, so I looked across the street and saw the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I’d read nothing about it, but admission was free, so I decided to wander in.  Best decision I’ve made so far on my trip.

First established in 1851, the Victoria and Albert is hands down the most impressive museum I’ve ever been in.  Their collection spans 2000 years of history across a dozen cultures.  The building that houses the museum is worth going to see even if you never looked at a single exhibit.  If you want a brief history, check out their website or A View on Cities history.

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves:


To give you some perspective, I took about 250 photos while I was there.  The V&A’s permanent collection has more than 4.5 million artifacts.  It was overwhelming to walk through and find room after room of thousands of artifacts.  So much so that even after spending 12 hours there, I feel like I could go back every day for a week and still only really absorb 10% of what they have on display.

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  1. Jill Sep 2,2013 12:14 am

    You need to go to the British Museum and see the Elgin Marbles

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